Last updated October 27, 2018

Current Officers (2018 Season)
President – Craig Farley (10/27/2018-)
Vice President – vacant
Secretary – Wes Weber
Treasurer – Lisa Graves

Northern Branch By-laws, Revised January 21, 2017 (pdf)
Northern Branch By-laws, Revised January 21, 2017 (docx)

Geographic Area
The Northern Branch serves Northern California and all of Nevada except Clark County.

Although it does not have an official definition, “Northern California” generally refers to the northernmost 48 counties in California: all of California north of and including Monterey, Kings, Tulare, and Inyo Counties. The southern borders of these counties form a nearly straight line across California, at approximately 35° 47′ 28″ north latitude. This is the designated border of the Northern Branch.

The Branch President assigns the Onsite WUSPBA Reps for all contests within the branch. The WUSPBA Reps are all volunteers, and may be current or former officers of WUSPBA or the Northern Branch, or other individuals who have significant experience with piping and drumming contests and have been trained to serve as WUSPBA Reps. Currently, the following individuals are qualified to serve as WUSPBA Reps at contests in the Northern Branch:
• Michael Akard
• Suzan Karayel
• Amara Reddick
• Donna Willy

Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2017 – AGM (pdf)
February 6, 2016 – AGM (pdf)