November 2020 AGM Report

The Northern Branch AGM was held Saturday, November 14, 2020, via Zoom video conference.

Northern Branch Officers Elected:
President – Erin Berta
Treasurer – Amy Johannsen

Amendment to Northern Branch Bylaws:
Participation in Activities and Services – PASSED

Outgoing President Craig Farley recognized the City of Sacramento Pipe Band, Redding Bagpipe Competition, and West Coast Pipers for being among the first organizations to provide online solo competitions when traditional contests began getting cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 WUSPBA AGM Report

Highlights from this year’s WUSPBA AGM, hosted online via Zoom video conferencing on October 24, 2020:

Officers Elected

  • Vice President: Larry Erdmann
  • Sanctioning Secretary: Tyler Johnson
  • Solo Registrar: Cathy Erdmann

Bylaw Proposals

  • Officers and Directors – PASSED (as amended)
  • Quorum at Special Meetings – PASSED

Contest Rule Proposals

  • Adjudicators Fees – PASSED (as amended)
  • Virtual Contest – PASSED (as amended)
    • Sanctioned solo contests may now be either online contests or traditional in-person contests
    • Aggregate points from all contests will be compiled together

The new WUSPBA Member Protection Policy has been adopted by the membership. The final version differs somewhat from the version originally posted.

Northern Branch AGM 2020 Nov 14th 7pm (updated)

This years AGM will be an online event due to COVID. The zoom link will be posted a week prior to the meeting.

Northern Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date:        Saturday, November 14th 2020

Time:        7:00 pm

Location:  Online Virtual Meeting

Link will be posted by Nov 9, 2020

Northern Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) – 7:00pm

Zoom session opens at 6:45

All 2020 WUSPBA Northern Branch members are invited and encouraged to attend the Northern Branch AGM.


  • Call to order, establish quorum
  • Officer introductions / reports
  • Updates from the 2020 WUSPBA AGM
  • Overview of Northern Branch events for the coming year
  • Election of Northern Branch Officers: President & Treasurer
    • Nominations may be submitted in advance to Secretary Wes Weber at, no later than Saturday, October 31, 2020. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor. (Updated Submission Deadline)
  • New business—Amendments to Northern Branch By-Laws
    • Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to Secretary Wes Weber at, no later than Saturday, October 31, 2020. (Updated Submission Deadline)
  • Certificates of Appreciation
  • Open comment period
  • Adjourn

REDDING – Unofficial Results (Saturday)

Redding Bagpipe Competitionstflorianpiperssoc
Saturday, March 7, 2020
Red Lion Hotel, Redding, CA

Solo Results (Unofficial)

Grade 1 Piping MSR – 3 Competitors
Adjudicator: Terry Lee
1. 978 Steven McElhaney
2. 065 Kristopher Muse
3. 388 Charles Martin

Grade 1 Piping Hornpipe/Jig – 3 Competitors
Adjudicator: Jack Lee
1. 978 Steven McElhaney
2. 388 Charles Martin
3. 065 Kristopher Muse

Grade 1 Piping 6/8 March – 3 Competitors
Adjudicator: Ken Sutherland
1. 065 Kristopher Muse
2. 388 Charles Martin
3. 978 Steven McElhaney

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MODESTO MANSION – Unofficial Results

Piping at the Mansion23513_104495229589850_6105804_n
Saturday, January 4, 2020
McHenry Mansion, Modesto, CA

Solo Results (Unofficial*)

Grade 2 Piping MSR – 2 Competitors
Adjudicator: Ken Sutherland
1. 497 Joshua Agee
2. 1399 Malachi Johannsen

Grade 2 Piping Hornpipe/Jig – 2 Competitors
Adjudicator: Liz Tubbs
1. 1399 Malachi Johannsen
2. 497 Joshua Agee

Grade 2 Piping 6/8 March – 2 Competitors
Adjudicator: Ken Sutherland
1. 497 Joshua Agee
2. 1399 Malachi Johannsen

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2019 Northern Branch Champions

Grade 2 Band—Prince Charles Pipe Bandwuspbanblogo_textonly
Grade 3 Band—Silicon Valley Pipe Band
Grade 4 Band—Silicon Valley Pipe Band
Grade 5 Band—Jefferson Pipe Band
Open Piping & Piobaireachd—Erik Leiken
Grade 1 Piping & Piobaireachd—Adam Blaine
Grade 2 Piping—Kristopher Muse
Grade 3 Piping & Piobaireachd—Malachi Johannsen
Grade 4 Piping—Brian Schwartzberg
Grade 2 Piobaireachd—Matthew Anderson
Grade 4 Piobaireachd—Christina Shute
Grade 1 Side Drumming—Patrick Steuber
Grade 2 Side Drumming—Stuart McLean
Grade 3 Side Drumming—Dodger Posey
Grade 4 Side Drumming—Ethen Cubberly
Intermediate Bass Drumming—Jeff Gordon
Novice Bass Drumming—Gail Muldrow

Congratulations to all of our Branch Champions! Championship awards will be presented at the Awards Celebration on January 11, 2020.

2019 WUSPBA AGM Report

A few major highlights from this year’s WUSPBA AGM in Sacramento, California:

1) The new President of WUSPBA is Jeff Mann, and the new Band Registrar is Charlie Butterworth.

2) The Music Board will undertake to create a list of recommended tunes for Grade 4 piobaireachd. Competitors may consult this list to aid them in selecting a piobaireachd that is appropriate for their grade level. Use of this list will be optional.

3) Next year’s AGM will be hosted by the Southern Branch in Southern California.

Summary of the voting outcomes on all of the Contest Rule proposals*:

Contest Rule Proposals

CR1 – Juvenile Bands – PASSED
CR2 – Piobaireachd Grading – FAILED
CR3 – Piobaireachd Set Tunes – FAILED
CR4 – QMM Part Definition – FAILED
CR6 – Tune Reusage – PASSED (as amended)
CR7 – Sanction Midsection Competition – WITHDRAWN
CR8 – Alternate Grades on Contest Days – FAILED
CR9 – 6/8 March Requirements for Grades 1 & 2 – FAILED

*This is an unofficial report. The final language of each proposal and the official vote outcomes will be posted on the WUSPBA website.