Woodland Celtic Games Piping and Drumming

Piping & Drumming contest organized by the Northern Branch.


Unfortunately, due to our national health crisis, our executive committee has decided to put this year’s 2020 Games/Festival on hiatus. We are following instructions with regards to large events and at the same time out of concern for the families of health providers, and first responders dealing directly with the COVID-19. We wish everyone well.

Competitors who have already registered will receive a refund of their entry fees. Please be patient while we process the refunds through R2. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing all of you next year.

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Saturday, April 25, 2020 – Sunday, April 26, 2020

Yolo County Fairgrounds
1250 E Gum Ave
Woodland, CA 95776

Band Competitions: Grades 5, 4, & 3

Solo Competitions:
Piping (Light Music & Piobaireachd) – Grades 4, 3, 2, 1, & Open/Professional
Snare Drumming – Grades 4, 3, 2, 1, & Open/Professional
Tenor Drumming – Novice, Intermediate, & Open/Professional
Bass Drumming – Novice, Intermediate, & Open/Professional

Local Option Events:
Drum Salute Competition
Midsection Competition

Jeff Anderson (Arizona) – Solo Piping and Bands
Jamie Cuthill (Colorado) – Solo Piping and Bands
Campbell Naismith (S. California) – Solo Piping and Bands
William ‘BJ’ Gunn (Utah) – Solo Drumming and Bands
Colin Berta (Oregon) – Solo Piping
Duncan McPherson (N. Califormia) – Solo Drumming
Janice Richey (N. California) – Solo Piping
Charles Rosenberger (S. California) – Solo Piping
Ken Sutherland (N. California) – Solo Piping
Glen Thompson (S. California) – Solo Piping
Liz Tubbs (N. California) – Solo Piping

Entry Fees:
Soloists – $25 (+$2 processing fee)
Bands – No entry fee
Local Option Events – No entry fee

Sanctioned by WUSPBA. WUSPBA rules apply to all contests.

Entries close April 4, 2020. The contest organizers reserve the right to close entries early if necessary based upon time constraints.

Questions about the piping & drumming contest may be directed to woodlandpd@wuspbanb.org.


Band Contest Information

Saturday events:
Grade 5 March, Slow March, March
Grade 4 MSR
Grade 3 Time Limit Medley

Sunday events:
Grade 5 Quick March Medley
Grade 4 Time Limit Medley
Grade 3 MSR

Prize money per event (1st, 2nd, 3rd):
Grade 5 – $400, $300, $200
Grade 4 – $450, $350, $250
Grade 3 – $500, $400, $300

Travel money:
Bands traveling 0-299 miles – $400
Bands traveling 300+ miles – $800
2nd/3rd band from organization – $200

Bands must participate in massed bands both days in order to receive travel money.

Solo Contest Information

Saturday events† (starting at approx. 8:00am):
Piping (Light Music) – all grades
Snare Drumming – all grades
Tenor Drumming – all grades
Bass Drumming – all grades

Sunday events† (starting at approx. 9:00am):
Piobaireachd – all grades

Prize money for Open/Professional (per event):
1st – $100
2nd – $50*
3rd – $25*

Local Option Event Information

Drum Salute:
Sunday morning†. Bass, tenor, and snare drums only. Minimum of 2 snares and 1 bass. No accompaniment. Time limit of 2-7 minutes. See WUSPBA Contest Rules, rule 8.7.2. Open to drummers and drum corps of any/all grades. Members of a drum corps need not be from the same band, but no individual drummer may play in more than one corps.

Midsection Competition:
Sunday morning†. Minimum of 2 tenors and 1 bass. Accompanied by 1-2 pipers and 1 snare provided by the midsection, or an appropriate recording. Time limit of 3-5 minutes. See WUSPBA Contest Rules, rule 8.7.3. Open to drummers and midsections of any/all grades. Members of a midsection need not be from the same band, but no individual drummer may play in more than one midsection.

Entry Information:
Bands may enter the drum salute or midsection competition through R2. Please indicate in the comments if your drum corps or midsection is going to include anyone not on your band’s roster. Drum corps or midsections not affiliated with a band may contact woodlandpd@wuspbanb.org to enter the contest.

Prize money for Drum Salute & Midsection Competition:
1st – $100
2nd – $50*
3rd – $25*

*Prize money for open/professional solos, drum salute event, and midsection event: In order for prize money to be awarded for 2nd and/or 3rd place, at least one more competitor must have played than the number of prizes awarded. I.e., if three competitors play, prize money will be awarded to 1st & 2nd place only for that event. (For the drum salute and midsection competition, a “competitor” is a drum corps or a midsection.)

Scheduled events for Saturday and Sunday morning are tentative. While every effort will be made to adhere to the schedule published here, the contest organizers reserve the right to change the schedule for the solo and local option events, if it is absolutely necessary based on unforeseen circumstances.

General Event Information: Woodland Celtic Games & Festival