2017 WUSPBA AGM Report

A few major highlights from this year’s WUSPBA AGM in Phoenix, Arizona:

1) The minimum number of pipers for a Grade 4 band has been reduced from six (6) to five (5).

2) Effective 2019, the Grade 4 Mini MSR band competition will be replaced by a special format MSR consisting of four (4) parts each of 2/4 march, strathspey, and reel. For 2018, Grade 4 bands will continue to play the Mini MSR (4-2-2).

3) Effective 2019, the Grade 5 Quick March Medley band competition parameters will be changed to eight (8) parts of marches, regardless of timing. For 2018, the QMM will continue to be based upon the time limit requirement of 2:45 to 4:30.

4) The new President of WUSPBA is Kevin Conquest, the new Executive Secretary is Christina Marshall, and the new Band Registrar is Jeff Mann.

5) Next year’s AGM will be in the Denver, Colorado area.

Summary of the voting outcomes on all of the Bylaw and Contest Rule proposals*:

Bylaws Proposals

B1 – Authority to Refuse and Exclude Members – REFERRED TO COMMITTEE for further review

Contest Rule Proposals

CR1 – Adding a Smallpipes Category to Solo Piping Competitions – FAILED
CR2 – Changes to Grade 3 Solo Snare Competition Events – WITHDRAWN
CR3 – Playing in Another Grade – PASSED
CR4 – Change to Rules Regarding Solo Leets – PASSED (as amended)
CR5 – Eliminate Obsolete Solo Piping Events – WITHDRAWN
CR6 – Method to Determine Aggregate Winners in Solo Competition – PASSED
CR7 – Exclusion of Solo Competitors from Participation – FAILED
CR8 – Exclusion of Pipe Bands from Participation – FAILED
CR9 – Dress Requirements in Heat – PASSED (as amended)
CR10 – Revision to Highland Dress Requirements – WITHDRAWN
CR11 – Band Disqualification Due to Tardiness – REFERRED TO COMMITTEE (as amended)
CR12 – Clarify Band Circle, Final Tuning Location, Etc – REFERRED TO COMMITTEE
CR13 – Changes to Registered Instructor Policy – WITHDRAWN
CR14 – Changes to Grade 5 QMM Requirements – PASSED, EFFECTIVE 2019 (as amended)
CR15 – Remove Grade 4 Mini-MSR – WITHDRAWN
CR16 – Changes to Grade 4 MSR Requirements – PASSED, EFFECTIVE 2019
CR17 – Change the Number of Required Pipers in Grade 4 Band Competition – PASSED
CR18 – Comprehensive Reorganization of Band Contest Rules Section – PASSED

*This is an unofficial report. The final language of each proposal and the official vote outcomes will be posted on the WUSPBA website.


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