2021 Northern Branch Champions

Grade 3 Band—Silicon Valley Pipe Bandwuspbanblogo_textonly
Grade 4 Band—Jefferson Pipe Band
Grade 5 Band—Prince Charles Pipe Band & City of Sacramento Pipe Band
Open Piobaireachd—Ryan Murray
Grade 1 Piping & Piobaireachd—Adam Blaine
Grade 2 Piping & Piobaireachd—Malachi Johannsen
Grade 3 Piping—Gavin Guidotti
Grade 3 Piobaireachd—Gavin Guidotti & Colin Thurber
Grade 4 Piping—Rhett Grant
Grade 4 Piobaireachd—Katherine Strausser
Grade 1 Side Drumming—Patrick ‘Gus’ Steuber
Grade 3 Side Drumming—Darin Talcott
Grade 4 Side Drumming—William Cooper
Novice Tenor Drumming—Haley Nash
Intermediate Bass Drumming—Brendan O’Leary
Novice Bass Drumming—Gail Muldrow

Congratulations to all of our Branch Champions! Championship awards will be mailed in the coming weeks.


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